Zdeněk Kulda s.r.o. was established in 2004 and gradually took over all the business activities from the natural subject Zdeněk Kulda - Road Freight established in 1991 and operating its business on the basis of a concession issued by the District Offices in Příbram. From the very beginning, the entity focused on the transportation of foodstuffs in refrigerated/freezer trucks both internationally and nationally.

Zdeněk Kulda s.r.o. is incorporated in the Registration Court in Prague, Section C, File No. 98929.

At the time of its establishment, the company operated two freezer vehicles. With rising interest in the services, the number of orders also increased and the company grew to having 100 employees, 45 freezer vehicles with a capacity of 33 pallets and 7 freezer vehicles with a capacity of 10 - 20 pallets.

Currently, the company operates 22 freezer vehicles with a capacity of 33 pallets and 3 solo freezer vehicles with a capacity of 10 - 20 pallets. We have 40 employees.

We place emphasis on the quality of our services through regular maintenance and upgrading of the fleet. We only operate with modern vehicles that fulfil the strictest EURO V standards, allowing an average age of 3 years. The freezer trailers can operate at two temperatures and have split levels; some even have tail gate lifts.

In the spring of 1996, the company built its own repair workshop with the objective to reduce service costs and make it possible to repair the vehicles at idle times.

In 2007, the company acquired the former military complex in Stará Huť near Dobříš and reconstructed it between 2008 and 2011.

A parking lot, administration building and new cold storage with a capacity of 450 pallets and operating at temperatures from 2°C upwards were gradually built. The premises are easily accessible - 6 km from the motorway to Strakonice and 40 km from Prague.

The company has established long-term business relations with exclusive foreign fresh produce suppliers to retail chains operating in the Czech market.

In 2007 and 2008, relations were established with fresh fish suppliers mainly from Norway, France and Greece for further processing and subsequent distribution to Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Hungary and Poland by smaller refrigerated vehicles.

Our advantages:

  • More than 20 years of experience in the international market in refrigerated transportation, logistics and domestic distribution of goods
  • professional services
  • possibility of online customer tracking of shipments
  • location logistics center near Prague
  • modern and reliable fleet

Warehousing and Logistics:

  • own cold store in an enclosed guarded company area
  • convenient location near Prague
  • storage at a temperature of +3 ° C and above
  • arrange transshipment of goods assembling, labeling, weighing and subsequent distribution of whole and pallet shipments

Production of wood pellets and briquettes

In 2009 was established company Zdeněk Kulda - ekopaliva, in its own premises at the newly built technological line focuses on the production of certified organic fuel - wood pellets and briquettes. Delivery ensures by own vehicles.

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